Upside Down 2

This lovable pot plants have captured the heart of many spaces.  Found in many Cottage or Modern styled homes, upside down planters have become very popular in the last year.  Not only very stylishly unique but interesting to the eye. In a lot of homes they have become practical with herbs hanging in the kitchen.

You do have the occasional problem with upside down planters. Watering can be a bit of a a problem because of the height in which the hang and the soil falls out occasionally.  With Distinctive Design Groups Range of Upside Down silk planters no water or soil is required so no such problems occur.  Little to no maintenance is required.

With our range of upside down planters you have a wide choice from flowers to ferns.  Herbs to succulents.  We also offer a huge range of pots that will allow you to pair up with our silk plants for the perfect look.

We have a huge range of succulents, topiaries, scrubs and trees that will suit your space.  With out team of interior designers and landscape designers we can create a perfect space every time.  Contact us today for a free quotation.