Vertical Wall


A Green Wall, or also known as a vertical garden have create a dramatic statement in the planting industry and are very trendy.  Very popular in the modern environment, the green walls have taken part in the indoor spaces as well as outdoor spaces as feature showcase pieces and indeed the do just that.

With vertical gardens you have the problems of the base systems and water systems.  It takes a professional landscape architect and a lot of experience in this industry to achieve the perfect functioning green wall.

Distinctive Design Group has the solution to the perfect silk green wall.  With no systems of soil or water required.  No maintenance or feeding is necessary.  With our selection of silk plants, a variety from succulents to ferns,  you can create a magnificent green wall that will last you a lifetime with no hassles.  Our green walls will capture not only a dramatic statement but allow you to create a featured showpiece that will turn any space, indoor or outdoor, into a breathtaking surrounding.   Allow our landscape designers to create and design your next green wall.