Pond INspiration 1

Ever thought of contributing to the protection of wildlife?  Its as simple as having a garden pond.  Invertebrate animals such as dragonflies,  water beetles and amphibians can  colonies the pond quickly because its such an excellent wildlife habitat. Garden pond owners have the potential to make many original  and valuable observations about  the ecology of small water bodies, which gardens ponds replicate.

Garden ponds also cause problems. In particular, garden ponds can be pathways for the spread of invasive non-native plants.

Naturally, ponds vary more in their physical and chemical conditions from day to day, and even during the day, than other freshwaters, like rivers. People often install pumps in garden ponds to counter these natural tendencies, particularly to maintain higher levels of dissolved oxygen: although this is probably not necessary for wildlife generally, it may be essential to keep fish in a small pond.

If you have the space and not sure what to do with it, maybe a pond it not a bad idea.