Furniture Tips

Achieving a designer look is not easy to create on your own and most people reach out to professional advice.  But if you are creative and have the courrage to take on a project, one room at a time, we have a few tips we can share with you.

  • Don’t ignore the importance of good lighting in a space. No matter how good your design layout is with all your accessories and final touches. If no one can see it then there is no use. Spend a bit of money on good lighting – you wont regret it.
  • If you are one for change, you should consider purchasing inexpensive lampshades and scatter cushions that is easily replaceable.
  • Mirrors are cheaper than art work and can be found in any size and style. It creates the illusions of a bigger space and brightens up the space.
  • When making changes in your space try and avoid big changes, like big furniture pieces. Rather try starting with scatter cushions and lampshades first.