Furniture TIps #4

Achieving a designer look is not easy to create on your own and most people reach out to professional advice.  But if you are creative and have the courage to take on a project, one room at a time, we have a few tips we can share with you.

  • If you have a colour pallet in mind and a accent colour then you cant go wrong. Follow your gut feeling. If you want to buy a furniture piece that is not in your plans, then go for it.
  • If an option scared you then that’s the right one to choose. Never play it safe. Each interior designer plays by that moto and create master pieces.
  • Surround yourself with meaningful objects. You will get tired of an ornament that has not value to you. Collect things over the years and create a design with that.
  • A show- home will make you want to change your space with in a year after completing the project but a space you create to make it feel like home will last you a lot longer.