Growing your Indoor PlantsIndoor plants are not only a presentable and decorative way of adding life and colour to your space but depending on the plant you could be adding contrast and texture too.  But, like a lot of people, getting a plant to stay alive is not always an easy task.

I am here to tell you that there are little remedies to this problem.  Its not all over just yet.  You might not have the right conditions for the plant.  The secret is all about the plant selection.  There are actually plants that wont die on you. They are natures toughest plants and could live and any condition.  Lets have a look at a few of them

Mother in Law Tongue is the easiest plant you can ever have in your house.  Not only can it live in dry conditions but the lighting conditions could be up to 40% allowing you to place it in a bedroom corner or hallway.

Growing your Indoor Plants 2

The Peace Lillie is a plant you have seen in someone’s house.  They are able to grow in very low light and in heat up to 85 degrees.  With Dark leaves and white flowers, they are very pleasant to have around.

Growing your Indoor Plants 3

Mini Aloe Succulents are perfect for rooms with a lot of sunlight and hot and dry areas.  The Aloe does not like a lot of water and prefers dry soil.  The Aloe has a lot of proven health benefits and comes in a variety of plants.

Growing your Indoor Plants 4

There are a lot of plants that will fit your space and conditions. Simply visit your closest plant wholesaler to assist you in your next purchase. Remember to inform them of your room conditions and where you want to place the plant.