Garden AntsAlthough ants are important to our ecosystem, they tend to be more a botheration when having a picnic in your garden or having lunch in your back yard.  If not controlled they can find their way into your house.  You can get rid of ants naturally by exterminating or deterence.

By naturally exterminating you can make use of the following options and solutions to get rid of ants. First you will need to find the nest of the ants and their main lines of traffic.

Making use of diatomaceous earth by applying it to the nest and main traffic lines will dry out the ant and kill them.  Mixing a ½ teaspoon dishwashing soap  with 1 ½  teaspoon of canola oil with water will incapacitating them, and their spiracles, suffocating them.  You can pour white vinegar in the nest and on the main traffic lines, their bodies cannot tolerate low-pH, acidic conditions.

You can prevent ants from coming into your garden and home by making use of the following steps.  These will allow you to keep ants at bay without having to kill them.

Relocate trash cans, Compost hips and natural waste as far from your lawn and home as possible.  Keep your garden and lawn maintained. Ants proliferate in areas of stressed plants and soil. Make use of crushed red pepper flakes, dehydrated peppermint flakes or peppermint oil, this irritates the ants. You can also make use of garlic or clove powder.

Lastly, distribute orange or cucumber peels around your lawn, focusing on areas that see a lot of ant traffic. The peels contain naturally occurring compounds toxic to the fungi on which ants feed, forcing them to look elsewhere for food.