Small Space Solutions

We cant all afford a big apartment for out first appartment and we need to make do with what our budget will allow us with.  Luckily, Interior Design is not just there to dress up our space but used properly we can trick the eye into creating bigger, cleaner and even brighter spaces. Here are a few tips on how you can achieve bigger spaces:

  • Try purchasing furniture with legs. They feel less heavy in the space than pieces that sit directly on the floor.
  • Shelving and storage that goes vertical and goes up to the ceiling can really help in a small space, not only to the eye but to a practical point too.
  • Organise your space as you use it. Place storage where you need it, trash cans where you will use it and filing systems where you will want it. Be smart about your space.
  • As a tenant or owner of a small space you need to enjoy the cozy feeling of a small space.
  • Rather spend a little extra on getting one or two taller pieces of furniture, like bookcases. Place storage boxes and place your cluttering possessions like mail, books, ipod,  etc.