Lily LoversEver wondered why people love lilies and make such a big deal about it.  Yes it has an attractive flower and in an arrangement they last for up to a week, but is there something special about Lilies that make then unique?

The Lily has a trumpet-shape flower that grows from 12 to 15cm in diameter. The flowers come any many shapes and sizes, not to mention colours. Interestingly, the darker the foliage the bigger the possibility of speckles or freckles on the flower itself.  The stem of the lily grows up to 30cm in height and carries between 4 to 8 flowers on each stem.  The flowers bloom at various times allowing the lily to bloom between 1 to 2 weeks long.

In the Liliaceae Family there are over a 100 Genuses recorded. To be more specific, there is 108.  There are a few ”wanna-be’s” like the water lily and the Calla Lily. Unfortunately only Genus Lilies qualify as Lilies.

Lilies can be as poisonous as they are beautiful.  To cats, eating one of these flowers could do more than just an upset stomach.  There have been cases of Liver failure and even death.  Lilies can also be harmful to humans, so keep exploring toddlers away from these beautiful flowers.

Lily extracts have known to have healing and softening properties.  The oils have been known to work well for dry and cracked skin.

Lilies are happier planted in groups in 3 or more, and they look more attractive too.