Small Space Solutions #5

Small Space Solutions

With our population growing so fast we have had to accommodate and adapt very quickly. Our living spaces have gone from big garden homes to concrete jungles. With the properties getting smaller and smaller, interior designers have had their work cut out for them. But they do succeed, and here is how:

  • Try purchasing furniture similar to your floor or wall, a colour that will allow the piece to blend in. Transparency is very trendy at the moment.
  • Go bold with certain things, like artwork or mirrors. Go big and expand on these items from floor to ceiling allowing the eye to be visibly drawn to it. Blue is a very good colour in artwork.
  • Try and make it a rule that when you purchase something new, something has so go. Unless you are starting with a blank canvass.
  • You don’t need to purchase a 4 seater and a 2 seater couch for “just in case” I have visitors. You will be surprised how you can make a plan with what you have.
  • Clear or transparent furniture not only trendy at the moment but can do wonders to your space.