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Rooftop Garden

Green Walls, Silks

If you have a rooftop that is in desperate need of a revamp, what about letting us create a magical lifestyle enviroment for you. Entertaining your family and friends is the perfect way to enjoy the summer months.

New Funky Wall Planters


How about trying these funky new wall planters to spruce up any office or reception. They come in a range of stainless steel,rose gold or powder coated in white or black

Carlswald Residence

Green Walls, Silks

The owner of this stunning home had 2 walls that were designed to have live plants on it but nothing was growing successfully. Our solution was to use our revolutionary “insta-green” instant foliage. It is ideal for this…

Sally Williams Concept Store Melrose Arch

Green Walls, Silks

Here at the new Sally Wiilams Concept store in Melrose Arch, we have managed to create a full tropical green wall by combining our revolutionary “insta-green” matting with silk plants to give it a more fuller tropical feel.…

Natural Paving

Landscaping, Tips

We have done the research and come up with six valuable benefits when it comes to adding natural paving to your garden.  These benefits we hope will not only encourage you but also help you with making the correct…

Caring for your Orchids

Indoor Plants, Interior Design, Tips

Indoor plants like Orchids have become more than just a ”plant in the house”, in most houses, indoor plants have added to the interior design and décor. They add life and colour to the room. Depending on the…

Small Space Solutions #5

Accessories, Indoor Plants, Interior Design, Silks, Tips

Small Space Solutions With our population growing so fast we have had to accommodate and adapt very quickly. Our living spaces have gone from big garden homes to concrete jungles. With the properties getting smaller and smaller, interior…

Interesting Daffodil Facts

Indoor Plants, Landscaping

Also known as the Jonquil, Narcissus, Paperwhite and the “Poet’s Hower”, the Daffodil is the flower of March. Commonly seen as a weed in the 1600’s and reintroduced as flower in the late 1629, the Daffodil stem sap…

Caring for your Hydrangeas

Landscaping, Tips

Hydrangeas are commonly known as Christmas flowers in South Africa,  are native to Asia and America, but they grow well in almost all parts of South Africa, from our coastal areas to the interior. The word hydrangea comes…

Interior Design Colour Tips # 4

Interior Design, Tips

When it comes to colours and textures in design, it can become a little intimidating.  But it needs to be done or you might end up with the same design for years to come.  We have a few…