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Why we love lilies

Indoor Plants, Landscaping, Silks, Tips

Ever wondered why people love lilies and make such a big deal about it.  Yes it has an attractive flower and in an arrangement they last for up to a week, but is there something special about Lilies…

Interior Design Furniture Tips #4

Interior Design, Tips

When it comes to purchasing furniture most people play it safe and go for plain and safe colours that can be lived up with scatter cushions.  There is nothing wrong with that, but have you tried purchasing a…

Garden Ants

Landscaping, Tips

Although ants are important to our ecosystem, they tend to be more a botheration when having a picnic in your garden or having lunch in your back yard.  If not controlled they can find their way into your…

Small Space Solutions #3

Interior Design, Tips

We cant all afford a big apartment for out first appartment and we need to make do with what our budget will allow us with.  Luckily, Interior Design is not just there to dress up our space but…

Growing Indoor Plants

Accessories, Indoor Plants, Interior Design, Landscaping, Tips

Indoor plants are not only a presentable and decorative way of adding life and colour to your space but depending on the plant you could be adding contrast and texture too.  But, like a lot of people, getting…

Small Space Solutions #2

Interior Design, Tips

We try and focus on the getting the best out of a small space every week, and this week is no different.  This weeks top tips will not only make you feel more at home but help you…

Breathing in your garden

Landscaping, Tips

Falling in love with a new blossom or getting excited for a new bloom to arrive is what gardening is all about. There is nothing more exhilarating than the enjoyment of relaxing in a well established and manicured…

Perfect Ponds

Landscaping, News, Tips

Ever thought of contributing to the protection of wildlife?  Its as simple as having a garden pond.  Invertebrate animals such as dragonflies,  water beetles and amphibians can  colonies the pond quickly because its such an excellent wildlife habitat.…

Interior Design Furniture Tips #4

Interior Design, Tips

Achieving a designer look is not easy to create on your own and most people reach out to professional advice.  But if you are creative and have the courage to take on a project, one room at a…

Cobble Stone

Landscaping, Tips

Most strictly defined, cobblestones are rounded, water-worn stones used to pave streets. They were traditionally set in sand and sometimes bound with mortar. And there were many advantages to using them. Cobblestone streets did not develop ruts, nor…

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