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Why now is the right time to repair, maintain or install your irrigation system Given today’s climatic conditions, it is essential to install an irrigation system that compliments your landscape design as well as optimizing water efficiency in…

Our New Trough Planters


  Take a Look at Our New Pots That Have Just Arrived!  

21st World Orchid Conference


WOC21, 10-14 September 2014, Johannesburg, South Africa This will be the largest (10.000sq.m) and most prestigious flower show of the decade, of which the World Orchid Show will be the centre piece. +/- 500 Conference registrants from 32…

Green Walls


[velocityicon icon=’icon-layout’ size=’15px’ class=”]  Green Walls, also know as living walls are the hottest item to decorate your office with. Green walls are really trending at the moment The main reason for this hip and happening decor is…

Vision in the Pleasure


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