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Silk Options

You have many choices when it comes to designing your vertical garden: neat designer boxes with silk planting, floating shelves with repetitive planting, full mixed planting and more. Silk plants are hugely beneficial for vertical walls because they don’t require an expensive watering system, there is no risk of damp seeping into the walls, no risk of overgrowth because they don’t require trimming and you won’t incur any disruptions from service teams. The silk plants used in green walls look incredibly realistic, so much so that people will probably have difficulty telling them apart from real plants. Silk plants made using high quality silk often feel like real plants, too. There’s no denying that plants add a beautiful aesthetic element to any space and green walls look stunning in client meeting rooms, reception areas, certain rooms of your home and more.



Living Walls

Living Vertical Walls can be designed into so many different unique applications ie. Exterior Walls of Buildings, Interior Walls or isolated components of Stores and Offices, an Atrium, Company Logos, Billboards and Signs, Exhibition Booths at Trade Shows, Special Event Promotions, Roof Gardens and Open space areas. By incorporating this type of landscaping into the design of a structure, an architect, business or home owner can reap the “Green” benefit of living, vertical walls.

These benefits include:

• Plants enhance the prosperity and state of mind of individuals through Biophilia – the need to connect with nature.

• Provide sound protection

• Improve air quality

• Reduce the Heat Island Effect

• Moderate a building’s interior temperature

• Help a building hold heat

• Provide storm water administration

• Provide biodiversity and a natural animal habitat



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