Choose the perfect pots to compliment your flowers and plants

If you’re filling your space with flowers and plants, don’t forget the pots.
Trees, plants and flowers can be greatly accentuated by a stylish pot and choosing the right design and colour is essential.

At Distinctive Spaces we stock a huge selection of pots which are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and we understand how important it is to select a pot that pairs perfectly with what you put in it.

Flowers, plants and trees add a beautiful visual component to your home, your workplace and many similar spaces, but the perfect pot truly completes the look. Twenty years ago your plant container and pot choices would have been quite standard, but the amount of variations available today is truly vast. There’s so much to choose from and there is something for everyone’s taste.

At Distinctive Spaces we have pots and plant containers that suit any and every environment. We stock many styles including modern and classic and we work with materials such as slick high gloss fibreglass, stainless steel, Perspex, terracotta, glazed ceramic and mild steel powder coated. We also stock urns and pots that are as big as a human being.

You’ll Find Pots Of Every Variety at Distinctive Spaces

Selecting the right pot will depend on several factors: the colour(s) of your plants, flowers or trees, the size of the space in which you plan to put the pot and the overall aesthetic of the space. The team at Distinctive Spaces will help you figure out which style pot is right for you and we can assist in selecting the ideal pot for your plants and your space.

For more information about pots from Distinctive Spaces, for information about the range of other products and services we offer, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.